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President's Greeting

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The President of Bosen American Capital Inc
President's Greeting

Hello everyone, this is Tielan Peng, the President of Bosen Ameircan Capital Inc.

After more than a decade of hard work, Hunan Bosen Industrial Group Co., Ltd has been transfored from a single-industry enterprise into a multinational conglomerate. Several sales and research centers have been set up in the Middle East, Australia, Italy, France and many other regions around the world. After careful research of the US market, we identified the US as a key target of our market expansion in 2017 and set the goal to enter this market. With sufficient funds and successful experience in operating overseas projects, we are confident that the US will become our new profit-center.

In 2018, we chose the City of Irvine in Southern California as the base of our US company. The two reasons we chose Irvine are (1) Irvine's mature economic environment and (2) its enormous development potential. After a period of adaption and acclimation, Bosen American Capital Inc has entered a new phase of development. Based upon its initial development plan, Bosen American Capital Inc has come to focus on four areas -- (A) the Global Logistical Storage Service, (B) the Integrated Supply Chain Management System, (C) Asian Cuisine Chain with Smart Supply System, and (D) Commercial Real Estate. These four sectors will benefit from Bosen Group's advanced supply chain integrated management system. 

Although there has been some friction in trade relations between China and the United States in the past few years, I believe the trade relations between China and the United States, the world's two largest economies, which are also the two largest production and consumer markets, are inextricably linked. The trade between the two countries is complementary and mutually beneficial. I sincerely hope that the current conflicts are only temporary, and common cooperation and development will be the long-term trend. Therefore, Bosen Group is willing to make its share of contribution to the development of the business relationship between China and the United States, and provide a full range of service solutions to merchants who are engaged in import and export trade between these two countries. At the same time, we will fully utilize the Group's technical and management advantages in the field of logistics management to bring more distinctive Asian cuisine to American consumers, so that they can enjoy more affordable oriental cuisine in a more comfortable dining environment.

With the growing popularity of the Bosen brand in the United States and a steady increase in market share. I believe that Bosen American Capital Inc. will create greater value in the United States.