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Bosen American Capital Inc

Bosen American Capital Inc was founded by Mr. Tielan Peng, who is also the President of Hunan Bosen Industrial Group Co., Ltd. With a vision of global expansion, he is determined to expand the group's business footprints into North America and Central America. 

After careful researching and preparations, Bosen American Capital Inc was officially created in Los Angeles, United States, and opened its office in Irvine in September 2017. 

Bosen American Capital Inc. takes advantage of the technical superiority and the management skills of its Chinese affiliate company in the field of supply chain, and brings the core business of Bosen Group into the United States. Based upon Bosen Group’s strategic planning, Bosen American Capital intends to explore the following areas in the US -- (1) overseas smart warehousing, (2) integrated supply chain services, (3) supply chain financial services, (4) supply chain management consultant & software platform services, (5) chain catering management, and (6) commercial real estate. 

With the growth of these areas, Bosen American Capital will in time create hundreds of local jobs in the United States.