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Asian Cuisine Chain

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Asian Cuisine Chain - Asian Cuisine Chain with Smart Supply System

Using Panda Express as a model, Bosen would like to take advantage of its superior supply chain management and create a catering chain and a service platform, which combine (1) chain franchise, (2) product procurement, (3) brand services, (4) marketing support, and (5) value-added services. The platform and management model have already achieved great success in China. Bosen is ready to replicate this model in the United States and bring distinctive Asian cuisine to American consumers. Bosen's vision is to create a more elegant and graceful dining experience for the US customers with authentic Hunan flavors. Benefitting from our central kitchen and efficient distribution system, the customers can enjoy a flavorful meal at a more competitive price.

We also offer franchise services to provide management and branding support to franchisees who use our products and systems. At the same time, we will take full advantage of our vast experience in the supply chain and financial services by integrating franchisees into our logistics system and financial services system, so that we can help them grow.