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  • Bosen Held Virtual Thanksgiving Tea Party


    This Thanksgiving is a bit unusual. In consideration of the health and safety of our family members, many employees at Bosen have decided not to have large Thanksgiving gatherings this year. To honor those brave men and women in the hospital who are fighting against the COVID-19, the company held a virtual Thanksgiving Tea Party. After making their own jasmine tea at their respective homes, coworkers took their tea together across the computer screens. By taking responsible steps to help contain the virus (e.g. working remotely, wearing a mask, social distancing), Bosen employees wish to express their profound gratitude to our “angels in white.”

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  • Virtual Birthday Party - Less Carbs, Less Sugar


    To honor those employees who have birthdays in October and November, Bosen held a “virtual” birthday party yesterday. Committed to the cause of eating healthy, Bosen employees have started the campaign “less carbs, less sugar.” In this spirit, rather than buying a big birthday cake, the birthday folks are encouraged to each buy a birthday salad. After blowing the candles in front the computer screen, cheers could be heard across the internet, as friends and coworkers applauded and congratulated the birthday folks and wished them a new adventure in the forthcoming year.

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  • Bosen Looks Into Acquiring US Warehouses


    As a leader in smart warehousing in China, Bosen believes that there is great potential in the North American market for smart warehousing. The current fluctuation in the pricing of the California real estate market has made a number of warehouses available for sale. Bosen’s investment team is looking into the possibility of purchasing one or two warehouses.

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  • Bosen Investment Team Studies Office Building Real Estate Market in Los Angeles


    Due to COVID-19, a considerable number of high-end office buildings in Los Angeles are empty (or tenants have fallen behind on rent payments). Bosen American Capital Investment Team has been studying the office-building real market in downtown Los Angeles and believes now may be a good time to invest.

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  • Bosen Appointed New General Counsel


    Bosen American Capital has recently appointed a new general counsel. Licensed to practice law in the state of California, the new counsel will help make sure that the company complies with the federal and state laws and regulations. Using his experience in commercial real estate, company acquisition, and corporate finance, the new counsel will assist Bosen in planning strategic investments in the US real estate market and smart warehousing.

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  • Bosen Irvine Office Is Temporarily Closed Due to COVID-19


    Bosen American Capital, Inc. has consistently regarded the health and safety of our employees as our top priority. As COVID-19 continues to pose a threat to our employees and members of our community, the company management, in compliance with the Executive Orders of the State of California and the county/municipal health & safety regulations, has decided to temporarily close the company’s Irvine office. Employees are expected to stay at home and work remotely until further notice from the management. The company would like to emphasize that the employees are still expected to follow the rules set forth in the Employment Handbook including, without limitation, taking a lunch break and other breaks in accordance with the requirements of federal and California labor laws. Company Management

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