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Bosen Supply Chain Shenzhen office set sail


After a month of intense preparations, on May 12, Bosen Supply Chain Shenzhen office set sail. Mr. Tielan Peng , the President of Bosen American Capital Inc., who is also the Chairman of the Bosen group, unveiled the supply chain Shenzhen office, and some of the group's senior executives and business unit leaders attended the opening ceremony.

The newly established Bosen Supply Chain Shenzhen office is located in Baoan, Shenzhen. It closely relies on the Bosen overseas layout and backed by the Changsha Headquarters of Bosen Supply Chain, and its perfect overseas network. Shenzhen office will take bulk commodity trade and its hedging financial business as the main trading carriers, make full use of innovative finance, modern logistics and supply chain management, and build industrial hedge funds to realize hedging income. The main profit models include supply chain financial services, third-party logistics services, import and export agency services, and now combined with hedging arbitrage and overseas warehouse industry investment.

After team building, market research, channel development, testing and other aspects of cultivation, the cross-border exports of Bosen's supply chain continued to grow at a high speed. The unique location advantages, government environment and industry atmosphere show a strong momentum, fast pace and stable development. Through rapid integration of channel resources in the Middle East and the US, Shenzhen office will rapidly develop its surrounding markets in Shenzhen, further expand the buyout and foreign trade integrated services business, promote small and medium-sized enterprises to the international market, enhance the position of the serviced enterprises in the global supply chain, and gradually create vertical integration.