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Commercial Counselor of the Ministry of Commerce Cooperation, Mr. Liu Minqiang investigates Bosen Industrial Group

On August 22, Mr. Liu Minqiang, Commercial Counselor of the Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Commerce, and his entourage came to the headquarters of Bosen Group to conduct research and study, focusing on the development of overseas economic and trade cooperation parks. Mr. Li Xinqiu, the Deputy Director of the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, the officials of the cooperation department and the Changsha Municipal Bureau of Commerce participated in the investigation.
Mr. Liu Minqiang and his entourage listened to Mr. Tielan Peng 's construction and development plan for the project of Bosen Industrial Ajman China Mall. He fully affirmed the development of Ajman China Mall and said that the construction of overseas economic and trade cooperation parks is an important measure to realize the global layout of the industry and build Chinese brands. He pointed out that the park should focus on providing professional services in industrial support, and local public relations. The next step is to make a good connection with the domestic industry and provide more value-added services to the enterprises in the park. The second phase of planning and construction must focus on the industrial positioning, and consider building an international transaction on the existing basis of the park platform. Group Chairman Mr.Tielan Peng hosted the meeting.