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Hunan Provincial Business Delegation Visits Bosen American Capital Inc

On October 25, 2018 (pacific time), the Director of the US Department of Commerce, Mrs. Haimei WANG, led a delegation from Hunan Province visited Bosen American Capital Inc, which locates in the heart of Irvine, Southern California, USA. The business delegation consists of entrepreneurs of Hunan leading companies.
The delegation listened to the report regarding the management and development of the company from Mr. Tielan PENG, the President of the Bosen American Capital Inc. And the delegation also visited the two exhibition centers in the office.
Mrs. WANG was very pleased by the progress and efforts made by the Bosen American Capital Inc. and further instructed that the development steps should be bigger and faster. The company should build an important platform and distribution center in the US to promote the trade between the countries and regions. The Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce will continue to increase efforts to support the development of all the Hunanese companies in the North America, and will recommend more outstanding Hunan enterprises to work with Bosen Group to continuously promote and strengthen economic and trade exchanges between Hunan Province and North America.