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General Manager

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Job Responsibilities:

1. As the person in charge of the general business practice of the US company, formulate and implement medium-to-long-term development strategies, business objectives and project development plans of the US company according to the overall development strategies of the Bosen Group;

2. Responsible for the overall operation and management of the company, carry out the business objectives assigned by the Group, and assume responsibilities for the company's business results;

3. Optimize the company's organizational structure, management system and regulations to ensure seamless connection between the US company and overseas business divisions, as well as the business systems of the Group;

4. Responsible for the organization and team building of the US company;

5. Regularly report work progress and results to the business division, and provide information support for major decisions of the group.

6. Complete other tasks assigned by the board of directors.


1. Education requirements: bachelor degree or above in international trade, marketing, finance;

2. Language requirements: proficiency in both English and Chinese (including listening, speaking, reading and writing);

3. Work experience: more than 8 years' work experience in large groups or multinational companies, including at least 5 years' comprehensive management experience in overseas companies;

4. Capabilities: comprehensive analysis and judgment skills and ability to solve complex problems, excellent overall planning and coordination ability, understanding of local laws and regulations in the United States, excellent interpersonal skills, strong team building and leadership skills;

5. Other requirements:  must be able to lawfully work and live in the US.

Location: USA