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Financial Manager in the United States

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Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for daily management of the department;

2. Responsible for the US company's annual financial review, tax registration, tax declaration, tax remittance and other related work;

3. Familiar with the local tax system and construction system, formulate the suitable tax system and institution for the development of the company to comply with tax laws;

4. Financial budget management, financial risk management, tax planning and management, capital management. Prepare, approve and implement financial documentations;

5. Establish the accounting system, and implement the management of accounting and auditing;

6. Other work assigned by the supervisors.


1. Education requirements: bachelor degree or above in finance or related fields;

2. Language requirements: proficient in English (including listening, speaking, reading and writing). Familiar with professional financial terms, and able to meet daily communication needs;

3. Work experience: at least 5 years working experience in finance related positions.