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Commercial Real Estate Project Manager

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Job requirements:

1. Responsible for making project plans and adjusting strategies according to the implementation;

2. Implementing the project plan, controlling the key nodes of the project, and lead the project team to complete the goals;

3. Responsible for customer development and project negotiation, receiving customer visits or inspections, and improving customer satisfaction;

4. Responsible for project team management, and providing continuous human resource supply for long-term business development;

5. Responsible for knowledge accumulation and professional improvement of team members.


1. Education requirements: bachelor degree or above, major in real estate or industrial and civil construction, and ralated;

2. Work experience: more than 5 years' relevant work experience, more than 3 years' experience in commercial real estate sales, with relevant successful cases;

3. Language requirements: proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing;

4. Ability requirements: familiar with local real estate related knowledge and real estate marketing links and processes, have good sales training experience and field management experience, have good team building and resource integration ability;Good professional image;Good communication comprehension ability, logical thinking ability;Team work spirit and customer consciousness.