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Commercial Real Estate Project Specialist

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Job requirements:

1. Developing market and establishing market channels;

2. Maintaining market channels, developing potential customers and completing the company's performance tasks;

3. Able to dealing with emergencies of market units independently and dealing with some urgent affairs;

4. Actively handle business relations according to customer needs;

5. Assist the project manager in investigation and research, understanding the market situation and put forward opinions or Suggestions;

6. Completing other affairs of the company.


1. Education requirements: bachelor degree or above, good image and good temperament;

2. Language requirements: proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing;

3. Work experience: more than 3 years' working experience in real estate sales and management, more than 1 year's experience in commercial real estate sales, with relevant successful cases;

4. Ability requirements: excellent coordination and communication skills, strong sense of responsibility, teamwork spirit, strong organization and coordination ability, good sense of innovation and control ability, keen market insight.