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International Trade Commissioner

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Job requirements:

1. Expanding the North American market, developing and maintaining foreign customers;

2. Collecting market information, making sales plans and summaries;

3. Liaison, meeting and negotiation of import and export business;Handling import and export orders to ensure the delivery of goods according to customer requirements;

4. Participating in relevant exhibitions.


1. Education requirements: bachelor degree or above, majored in foreign trade;

2. Language requirements: proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing;

3. Work experience: 3-5 years of successful overseas market development and expansion experience, experience in participating in exhibitions

4. Ability requirements: familiar with the relevant process of the whole international trade, familiar with the import and export business process, with the awareness of risk prevention;Overseas market development, customer visiting experience, with a strong ability to negotiate foreign business;Have strong enterprising spirit and team spirit, work hard, strong sense of responsibility, strong pressure resistance.