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Administrative Assistant

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Job requirements:

1. Receiving visitors at the reception desk and transfer calls to interviewees for appointment;

2. Assisting hr manager in recruitment interview and reception;

3. Responsible for management, maintenance of office facilities and equipment, and timely suppling office consumable items ;

4. Maintaining the company's daily order and office environment;

5. Accounting and statistics of statements, employee attendance, editing and printing of office documents, etc.


1. Education requirements: bachelor degree or above, secretarial related majors;

2. Language requirements: proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing;

3. Work experience: 1 year of relevant work experience;Secretarial, administrative management and other related majors are preferred;

4. Ability requirements: strong sense of service, proficient in using computer office software;Have good coordination ability, communication ability, have a sense of responsibility, character lively and cheerful, have affinity;Familiar with office administration knowledge and working process, basic English.