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  • Racing Cars Sponsored by Bosen Scored Second Highest


    Last weekend, the annual national “super-car” racing contest was held in Guangdong Province, China. The racing cars sponsored by Bosen won the second place in the “Super Challenge” and third place in the “City Hero Challenge.” Congratulations to our amazing team!

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  • Welcome Year of the Pig! Bosen (China) Supply Chain Scored Another Victory


    Welcome Year of the Pig! Bosen Supply Chain Scored Another Victory! In the first month of 2019, Bosen Supply Chain has achieved an astounding growth rate. Compared to the monthly trade volume last year, Bosen Supply Chain has seen a 60% growth January, 2019. The exports volume reached $16 million in January, with a banking cash flow of $10 million. This is the first time Bosen Supply Chain has exceeded $15 million threshold. As of today, Bosen Supply Chain has covered more than 20 provinces in China. Internationally, its footprints can be seen in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, North and South America, and Oceania.

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  • Bosen Global Management Meeting Took Place in Thailand


    Bosen executives met in Thailand this week (January 10-13) to discuss the company’s path for the future. President Tielan Peng gave his annual address. The executives of the subsidiaries from Australia and the US participated through skype. The meeting focused on the following themes: (A) team building, (B) challenge overcoming, (C) brand recognition, and (D) efficiency increase. The meetings have reviewed the past mistakes and have devised ways to avoid similar mistakes in the future. The executives also used this great opportunity to make strategic decisions for the future growth of the company.

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  • Bosen Lectures on Chinese Classics


    To honor China's heritage and traditional values such as filial devotion, Bosen invited the 78th generational successor of Confucius, Dr. Kong Weiqin, to give lectures to Bosen executives. Well-versed in Chinese classics, Dr. Kong shared with us many lessons from history. From these lessons, we realize how important it is for us to cherish the heritage of our ancestors.

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  • Bosen (China) Entered Into Agreements With Romanian Company


    On the morning of November 6, 2018, Hunan Bosen Industrial Group Co., Ltd entered into agreements with Dragonul Rosu SA, a company from Romania. Bosen’s strengths and those of the Dragonul Rosu SA are highly complementary of each other. The two companies will work together on global investments, market management, distribution and international trade.

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  • Bosen (China) Supply Chain Shenzhen Office Set Sail


    After a month of intense preparations, Bosen Supply Chain Shenzhen office set sail on May 12, 2018. Mr. Tielan Peng, the President of Bosen American Capital Inc., who is also the Chairman of the Bosen Group, unveiled the supply chain Shenzhen office. Many of the group's senior executives and business unit leaders attended the opening ceremony.

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